Thursday, September 18, 2014

flashback monster eyeballs...

These Monster Eyeballs are the absolute easiest 
no-bake Halloween treats EVER! 

Pick up some mini powdered donuts, 
green gummi circles, and licorice bits.

 Start with a donut (eyeball),

add the gummi (iris),

and stick in the licorice (pupil), it will 
hold the whole treat together.

Your kids and their friends will 
think you're pretty awesome.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

the car seat caddy...

This little project will add storage and
interest for your rear facing babies.

The new car seat guidelines have babies
 rear facing for 2 years.
That's 2 years staring at a boring seat.
We can fix that!

Start with one yard of fun, flannel fabric
and corresponding blanket binding.

 Fold in half and cut so you have 2 pieces.

 Take one of the peices, fold again in half
and sew 2 of the sides.

 Turn it right side out and 
sew the binding on both ends.

 Use your 2nd piece and fold in
half.  Cut the top 1/4 and sew
2 of the sides.

 Turn right side out and sew binding
on one end.   To create a pouch, take the other
 end and fold over half way then sew the sides.

 Take both panels and sew them 
together on the sides leaving
an opening between the binding.

 Remove the head rest.

 Tuck the bottom of the panel into
the fold of the seat.

 Put the head rest back in place.

 Load up the pouch on the back
side of the seat.

It was an IMMEDIATE hit!

It's a win for Mommies and Babies!

Monday, September 15, 2014


 Here's a real quickie for ambient 
decorative lighting or centerpieces.
We used 3 tap lights from the dollar store,

 Cut out the maps you 
want to use.
You can make holes with a thumb tack
for the light to shine through.
Glue the sides together and place 
the tap light in the middle.
Too easy!
If you need them for an outdoor
event or will be using them more than
once, clear contact paper will 
make them really sturdy.
Here's an example with this
fun floral design and contact paper.
The possibilities are endless!

Friday, September 12, 2014

sea creatures clock...

Here's a quick clock revamp.

 Take one unsuspecting clock
(this one is a $6 beauty from Target).

 Turn it over and remove the screws.

 You can now completely 
disassemble it.

 You can use any small plastic toys.
We chose these adorable sea animals.

 Start arranging and 
be sure each one will clear all 3 
of the clock hands.

Get your hot glue gun fired up!

It turned out pretty cute.
Have a great weekend friends!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

the woodland wreath...

 This is a perfect autumn project to
do with your kids.

Start with an old grapevine wreath.

 Gather some pine cones from
around your neighborhood and 
get some rustic or burlap ribbon.

We simply tied a knot and hot glued the
ribbon on to the wreath.

We found these cute little fellas
at Joann's for 50 cents each.

They nestled right in.

So cute!

Monday, September 8, 2014

dollar store decorations...

These decorations are perfect for a 
baby shower or Birthday party.

The dollar store stocks these fairy wings
year round, down the toy aisle. We thought 
they would be perfect as big butterflies.

We cut off the straps, but tied the ends
together to help us hang them up.

 We hopped aisles and grabbed a 
pack of glittery card stock.

We cut long strips for the bodies 
and curly antennas. Hang on to
the scraps and you can make 
a little pennant banner.

We snagged these mini butterflies 
down the fancy floral aisle.

Toss them up into the tree
and set up your treats.

Cheap and easy... just like us :-)
Have a great week!
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