Monday, June 15, 2015

putting green father's day...

Hi crafty friends, check us out on 
Hazel & Ruby today! 
Let's celebrate Father's Day 
with this fun putting green golf party!
You aren't going to believe how 
easy this was to create!

We used teal Hazel & Ruby

Cut 18" off  the end of the rug, trace
the letters. Cut strips to glue on the edges.

 The DIY Decor Tape covers like a dream!

Hang the rug on your fence.

Use the beautiful tissue paper to make a banner.

Presents are an easy decoration so wrap 
them with corresponding colors.

Now let's celebrate Father's Day! 

PIN this project step by step!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

sea creatures clock...

Here's a quick clock revamp.

 Take one unsuspecting clock
(this one is a $6 beauty from Target).

 Turn it over and remove the screws.

 You can now completely 
disassemble it.

 You can use any small plastic toys.
We chose these adorable sea animals.

 Start arranging and 
be sure each one will clear all 3 
of the clock hands.

Get your hot glue gun fired up!

It turned out pretty cute.
Have a great weekend friends!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

woodland mushroom party...

 How fun are these little mushrooms?!
This is such a quick and easy way
to decorate a dessert table.

Hazel & Ruby has the cutest candy
paper and re-usable stencil masks!

I made a quick trip to my neighborhood
Target and grabbed some foam cups,
bowls, mini cups and red muffin liners.

Cut out circles about an inch
bigger than the bowls.

To create your mushroom tops, apply some
 Mod Podge and stick the paper to the bowl.

Place the tops on to the 
upside down cups.

Next I cut out some triangles and
and grabbed my letters.

Spell out your phrase then
give it a quick coat of paint.

When you remove the stencils 
it creates such a cute effect!

Throw on a table cloth, sheet moss and 
Gnomes from the garden.

 Load it up with delicious treats
and get ready for the stampede!

Cute and easy...
just how we like it!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

free printable for kids graduation party....

How much do we love free printables?
Thank you Hazel & Ruby for this cute 
freebie sail boat!  Perfect for a little 
graduation party or play group.

 I printed it on regular copy paper
and cut out the sails.
 Attach a straw with double stick tape.

Cut out the waves and tape them on
to grey paper cups.

 Add a couple of treats to hold the 
sails in place.
For $8 it can be printed on heavy, 
glossy photo paper. After the party you could 
frame it for your home or give it away as a gift.
Love, love, love this project!

diy toddler tents...

This idea will keep your little one
playing for hours!

 All you need is duct tape and 2 foam poster boards.

 Place them together.

 Tape the edges together. 

Open it up, add a blanket, books and stuffed animal.
Your toddler will come immediately to check it out!

It's the perfect little hang out!  

Monday, January 12, 2015

personalized tshirts for your little personalities....

These cute personalized tshirts from Petite Lemon
are so much fun!

Brock has been sporting them his 
whole life :-)

Make sure you snag one for 
your kidlets Birthday!

They offer so many options!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

the modern doll house...

 This project was soooo much fun!

 We started with this cute little doll furniture set from IKEA.

  We snagged an inexpensive bookshelf from Target.

Hazel & Ruby has the most amazing
giant DIY Decor Tape!  It was so 
difficult to decide which patterns to use!

 We had so much fun putting up the tape for
wallpaper and decorating our little rooms.

 The striped pink is pure heaven!

 How much fun would these dots be in 
your real art studio?!

Such a great re-purpose for 
an inexpensive bookshelf!
Happy crafting!
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